Automated data transfer solutions

Transparent has developed an automated solution for extracting and transferring data from our clients’ ERP system to the secure environment in one of our data centers. By integrating a software add-on with a small footprint into your ERP system, you can define exactly what data is sent to Transparent when it suits you best.

This solution offers a range of advantages, such as:
  • Less resource-intensive for the client;
  • Unattended asynchronous extraction;
  • Secured electronic transfer;
  • Continuous monitoring option.

Once the data arrives in the secured environment of the Transparent data center, the original data is converted into the format required for our systems and services, after which the data is ready for production. Please contact us to find out if your ERP system is supported. In the rare instances that this is not the case, we will work together with you to develop connections to unsupported ERP systems.