Transparent's competitive edge

Over the course of 17 years, Transparent has accumulated extensive knowledge of AP recovery audits, as well as directly related services. As a result, we excel in providing our clients with the outstanding recovery rates, unique to the industry.

We achieve this by using the most advanced data mining technology and unique in-house developed and perfected algorithms. Transparent never just focuses on the low-hanging fruit. We always offer our clients an extensive analysis, which maximizes recovery rates. By making use of more than 30 algorithms through large data sets, we are able to find money where other competitors fail.

In addition to that, our extensive statements investigation is another way of guaranteeing maximum recoveries for our clients. Our expert team speaks 20 languages, using the right approach for each particular country. We also not only contact suppliers who have been singled out for analysis, but all of those who meet certain criteria. This enables us to guarantee one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. 

Let’s examine your administration and strive for perfection.